Monday, August 14, 2006

Castro Sings: My Adidas

From, via AP:

Cubans Welcome New Photos Showing Castro Bedridden, But Alive

HAVANA — Cubans welcomed new photographs showing Fidel Castro in an 80th birthday visit with his brother Raul and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez as evidence that their leader was alive and recovering — although visibly more mortal than ever.

Ahh, how lovely! Raul and Hugo paid a visit. I know there's nothing that makes my heart soar more than being visited by a dictator and a terrorist. But what's this? What is Communist Fidel Castro doing in the picture?

Sunday, August 13: Fidel Castro holds a copy of the Saturday Aug. 12, 2006 edition of Granma, the Communist Party newspaper.

Besides the fact that no one can verify if this I've pulled a Rueters here and fixed the headline to something more appropriate:

So how's that Communism thing working out for you Fidel? I guess "To each his need, from each his ability" or what was it? "To each his need, from each their life, and to me some new kicks!" more like it.

Did you know Fidel's Net worth hovers around $550,000,000?

Wow, I didn't realize Communism was so...Capitialistic.


The Granma (Cuba's state-run paper) had this to say:

AS he announced on Saturday at the launch of his presidential candidacy, Chávez came to Havana to celebrate Fidel’s 80th birthday with the Cuban president. Raúl received him at the airport and gave him the affectionate embrace of a people grateful to the friendly leader for his human grandeur and attitude of solidarity....

What kind of human being is this? What material is he made of? As you say, he is like the caguairán (hardwood tree)."
Friendly leader? Human grandeur? More like dellusions of grandeur.

There is one good thing about hardwood trees - they burn for a long, long time.


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