Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Caption Fraud, Reuters Style

Sorry for the delay in posting this, the photo upload feature must be broken here at blogger.com

As I mentioned on HotAir.com today:

Why would Israelis waste missles on a lone station wagon on a deserted road? Doesn't seem like a strategic target to me. It's hard to say whether this is caption fraud by the Editorial Staff or the photographer.

Not only is windshield intact, there is no debris on the road, no tiremaks (was the car being driven in the ditch when it was "hit"?), no burn marks on the grass which is obviously bone dry.

There is no "exit wound" either. As a matter of fact, if you increase the contast on the photo, you can peer into the driver's compartment and see that there is nothing in there, other than what appears to be a cooler.

I used Paint Shop Pro to:

  • Increase sharpeness (the originally photo was softened, when the sharpness is increased you can see the dents in the hood)
  • Re-colorized for natural sunlight
  • Resized to 150%
In the second photo I increased the size by another 150%, and point to the "cooler":

Liberal Bias knows no borders.


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