Thursday, July 06, 2006

A year ago, cowardly Muslim Extremists attacked our British Brothers and Sisters by blowing up London Subways and Busses. I think this site best conveys the consensus of Great Britian and the normal people in the USA.

Did you see Islam's latest recruiting poster?


After leaving (being kicked off) Fark for my wacky right wing extremist conservative ideals, which most people in America would consider sane, I had an epiphany. This particular idea wasn't anything new, but I figured I'd throw my hat into the fray.

I wanted a place to post my best Photoshops, my most extreme brand of truth, sarcasm and cynicism.

In the past I was the bloggee, the anonymous reader who would make futile attempts to get some sort of recognition on the big blogs by sending email after email, news tip after news tip. I realize that these big players must get a lot of stuff, but not one of my emails ever made it on that thar "internets".

I spent a lot of time (well not really) on the images you'll find here, and I hope you enjoy them. I promise this will be the quickest blog you'll read each day.

Indiana Dan